26 January, 2022


Kunstobjekte - Diplomarbeit

Wasser - Licht - Kasten

Design, Entwurf und Fotos im Lichtkasten: Karin Abraham 2006

Ausführung: aquamare

Foto: Günter Derp © copyright


Water is considered as origin of life in all cultures. It has always been a symbol of life, renewal, lavation and hope. 70% of the human body is water and, while we can't survive without water, we fear its destructive power to exterminate and sweep away civilisations.
Without water, there can be no life. The desert is called "sea without water". It is said to be a place of nothingness, where man can be himself. For thousands of years, this landscape has fascinated people. But the desert is also frightening when we talk about sandstorms, people and cattle dying of thirst or when a fata morgana of a blue lake confuses humans, mad with thirst.

The topic of my work of art is water and I created a room installation with graphic elements.
The pictures represent the main characteristics danger/death, life/growth, the power of water, silence/recreation caused by water.
Focus of my work was on the combination water/man. Elementary characteristics are shown, but not industrial properties.
The pictures on the front are in blue and green,they represent the negative effects of water.
The pictures on the back are in colours of the desert and represent the positive effects of water.
I chose this design of the glass boxes to point out the contrast between the organic material in form of water and the inorganic substance aluminium.
Frosted glass was taken for the sides of the boxes to draw the visitor's attention to the essentials - the pictures. Thus, the choice of glass is an important design element. Because of a triangle composition, my work gets a three dimensional look.
Water is always in motion. To make this motion visible in my glass boxes and the photos, air is pumped at the left and the right side of the photos into the boxes.
The chains symbolise the power of water. As the glass boxes float, they appear weightless and the power/weight of water is not immediately recognizable

Kathrin Abraham 2006